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European Bluegrass Music Association Elects New Permanent Board

7th February 2024 – The European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) is pleased to announce the successful election of a new board during its recent Extraordinary General Meeting held on January 29th. A total of 30 members participated in the meeting, which saw the approval of the 90-day report and the confirmation of 14 candidates for election.

In a bid to ensure broader participation, the General Meeting also endorsed an extended online voting period for the selection of the new board. By the deadline of February 4th, 2024, at 24:00 hours, a total of 62 valid members took part in the online voting process.

We are happy to announce the election of the following 11 individuals to their respective constituencies: 

Membership & Development
– Heidi Jamila Börekci
– Piero Biasi

Event & Bookers
– Charlotte Saelemakers
– Guido de Groot

– Kent Gustavson
– Owen Schinkel

– Ronnie Norton

Industry and Education
– Kathleen Coker
– Ti’ Pierre

At large
– Angelika Torrie
– Christopher Howard-Williams

The Interim Board thanks all members for their active participation in both the General Meeting and the online voting process.

Further communication will be provided following the initial meeting of the newly constituted board, during which roles and responsibilities will be defined more precisely. Until then, we encourage members to stay tuned and keep on pickin’.

For media inquiries, please contact: info@ebma.org

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