Internet Radio Broadcast For European Bluegrass Bands and Artists

Your Music is Needed !!!!

Every Monday evening at 19:00 (CET) on Ronnie Norton has a one hour radio show dedicated entirely to European Bluegrass Music.

To keep this show going, we need your music and we need it now.

Our previous request did not get a great response, with Ronnie using CDs given at Festivals and concerts.

The best format for Ronnie are Commercial CDs …any vintage, so older and recently released are welcome.

Send your CD(s) to Ronnie at:

Ronnie Norton
93 Bettyglen Raheny
Dublin 5 D05 XF21

No Commercial CDs… ??

Downloads, home-burnt CDs or audio files may be accepted as long as full band info is also sent to Ronnie.

Without that info then it is too much work to search for it and your music will not get played.

A text document will be best.

Ronnie’s email is

Please send your CDs now…Do not put this in the ToDo list…..mail them them tomorrow !!!