Bluegrass Europe #92 (July - September 2014)

Dunderhead (Sweden)

Editorial by Angelika Torrie ¦ EBMA NEWS ¦ Blue Highway ¦ Dunderhead ¦ EBMA Workshop Scholarship ¦ Bluegrass Camp Germany ¦ BluegrassDuinen - News Europe ¦ Deering Banjos ¦ Bluegrass Calendar ¦ Bluegrass Festival List ¦ Highlights of the Bluegrass Season ¦ US News ¦ Country d’Yv ¦ Copyright and licensing ¦ Banjo Jamboree Caslav ¦ Bluegrass In Schools ¦ EBMA’s European Bluegrass Guide ¦ Radio Formats with bluegrass ¦ A CD Review

BLUEGRASS EUROPE: The Official EBMA Magazine

BE81 - featuring Lazy Tater (NL)

The EBMA works hard to make things happen and work for as many bluegrass professionals, fans and friends as possible. To make it all happen, EBMA needs YOUR support. Financially, as a supporting or sonsor member, or acively if you want to use the EBMA network more actively or want to work with us in our democratic organisation. 

BLUEGRASS EUROPE is instrumental in EBMA's work, through the magazine you can stay in touch with the European bluegrass world, know about concerts, tours and festials, and benefit from the work that is being done by the EBMA to further bluegrass music in our part of the world.

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BLUEGRASS EUROPE - your source of information about Bluegrass music in Europe and across borders!

BLUEGRASS EUROPE was launched as a bi-monthly publication in April 1998, joined forces with Bluegrass Bühne with #6 in February 1999. From #16 BE was published as a triple-publication with Strictly Country. Beginning with #79 April 2011 BE is published as an independent quarterly magazine.

The Concert & Festival Calendar in the middle part as well as the European Bluegrass Guide listing bands and businesses of active EBMA members rounds up a broad variety of news from all over Europe and more, features of European bands and bands touring in Europe as well as other information we feel interesting to our readers.

Published by...

European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA)

Editorial team:

Angelika Torrie, editor in chief; Michael Zumstein; graphic design; Chris Keenan, advertising; Rienk Janssen, administration; Petr Brandejs, editorial contributor (in particular CZ / SK); Martino Coppo, editorial contributor (in particular southern Europe); Dagfinn Pedersen, editorial contributor / national and regional reports (through National Rep Network); Christopher Howard-Williams, editorial contributor (featuring historical aspects). These people have been offered editorial support from many corners already, including Paolo Dettwiler, Richard L. Thompson, Pierre Bastide and many more

Art Direction:

Michael Zumstein/Angelika Torrie

Main Offices:
European Bluegrass Music Association
Fiechthagstrasse 4
CH-4103 Bottmingen

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